Makeup artist, YouTube star, and beauty contributor of our own Kandee Johnson can make herself look like anyone. Literally, anyone. With her 2.7 million YouTube subscribers and a second season of Beauty ReCovered debuting this week (pop star edition), we thought we’d go straight to the makeup expert herself to see what she carries with her at all times, her beauty-crisis quick fixes, and the products she swears by.


OK, we want to know. What products do you keep in your bag at all times?
Always mascara so I can touch up my lashes if they need an extra coat. And I always have black liner because I feel like you always need that. And then depending on the day I will have three lip liners and two to three lip colors.

If you had to live with only three beauty products for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?
It would be foundation because I would want my skin to look even…Ooh dangit! Three is so hard! I would do foundation, mascara, and black eyeliner.

Do you use a pencil or liquid liner?
I use a good ol’ pencil because you can smudge it at the waterline, and you can smudge it at your lash line to make your lashes look thicker.

What is the simplest trick that women can use to look pop-star perfect—or date-night-ready —in moments?
It would be setting your foundation properly so that your skin does look like you walked right off of an album cover or out of a music video. And the trick with that is you always want to make sure that you go from your liquidiest product to your driest. So you always want to layer your liquid foundation, then your cream concealer, and then you always need to set it with a powder. Even your eyelids, you have to make sure that you put concealer or powder on your eyelids before you put on the eyeshadow because that’s going to make it last longer.

Do you have a powder product that you recommend?
I really like any translucent powder. I really love the Cover FX translucent powder. And then if you want to spend a few more dollars, La Mer has a translucent powder that is amazing. You look like a baby. And if you really want to look matte all day long, I really love Make Up for Ever’s high definition powder. It’s mostly silicone-based… You will have no oil, no shine, nothing. You will look like you have super matte on. That is good for all day long too.

What’s your best on-the-go beauty trick?
If I’m traveling and get a pimple I will take toothpaste and I will dab it on there and it will dry it out so I can cover it up and put makeup on top. Then that looks flawless. Another on-the-go thing that I love, if you are traveling and you’re out and about and your skin is yucky, take a lemon slice and a pack of sugar—any kind of sugar—and then mix it together in the palm of your hand and you have an instant face scrub. All of the acids that are in the lemon help exfoliate and remove any dead skin and impurities.

What tips do you have for women battling the cold who want to keep their skin glowy and their makeup intact?
I really like the extra hydration that cleansing with a cleansing oil gives. It feels like it sets your skin so that it’s a little more moist. You know, if you’re dealing with a harsh winter outside…take a lip balm with you because lips get dry, concealer for a red nose, and use a makeup setting spray to help you lock in your look no matter what weather condition you’re going out in.

Now for a tough choice: If you could do only makeup, but not fix your hair for the rest of your life or do your hair, but never wear makeup again, which would you pick?
Oh, man. That is a really tough one. You know what? I think I would go with makeup and hope that messy hair comes back in style.

Who is your beauty icon and why?
I think my beauty icons are all from the ’40s and ’50s. I love Jane Mansfield, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe—all those women with classic beauty where they just looked elegant and beautiful all the time. Those are my favorites.

What’s your favorite beauty trend right now?
Matte lips are my favorite thing. And I hope it never goes away because I love it.

Any beauty regrets that you have that you’d like to forget about?
Probably when I overtweezed my eyebrows years ago. Like, how did they even grow back? I’m so glad they recovered! It looked like I drew them on with a very thin ballpoint pen for a while.

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