Just to remind us that they’re the most fashionable model-sister duo in the game right now, Poppy and Cara Delevingne recently went for two very unexpected makeup shades at completely different events on different continents.

In London at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, Poppy went for a really deep, rich black raspberry lipstick.
A color this intense isn’t something you expect to see at an outdoor event in July, but she pulled it off. The juxtaposition of such a deep color against the backdrop of her light skin, hair, and dress created a contrast that you can’t look away from.

And down in Australia while promoting her new movie, Paper Towns, Cara went for red eyeshadow.
Yes, red. And she didn’t even look like a robot. The way she avoided that trap was by really going for it—surrounding her whole eye area is a layer of the bright shade, completely covering the zone that would qualify as undereye circles (if she had any).

Both girls picked a color that was just a little off-the-wall and committed. That’s half the battle when it comes to daring looks: confidence. So next time you want to surprise everyone in the room, keep that in mind. If you hold your head high and look like you think you look fierce, you will.

Another key: Having the bold colors on hand. Here are a few eyeshadows and lipsticks that’ll help you become more Delevingne-esque:

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