OK people, July 4 has come and gone. Now’s the perfect time to experiment and try the products, treatments, and DIY recipes you’re always bookmarking. I’d say challenge yourself to try the below, but, hey, it’s not like it’s rough stuff.


1. Think ahead and fight puffy eyes in the morning by cooling cut-up cucumber slices or spoons in the fridge.

2. Wear bold lipstick during the day (orange! coral!).

3. Cuticle oil or cream will do wonders for making your manicure look fresher longer. It’s ridiculously easy to apply, so store some at your desk or in your bag and remember to put on daily when you’re watching TV or waiting in line.

4. Going to a ton of weddings? Try something different with your shadow or liner and break out of whatever routine you’ve settled into.

5. Get a shellac pedicure. It might sound a little funky, but when your toes are still shiny and chip-free a month later, you’ll be absolutely gleeful.

6. Packing for vacation? Pick up a multiple stick and seriously lighten your load by pledging to use it for cheeks, eyes, and lips.

7. Take the time to do a really stellar job with your own self-tanner. It’s totally possible, as long as you pay attention to directions (as in, wear the glove provided while applying and let it dry before putting your clothes on).

8. To do the above, you’ve gotta do a good job exfoliating beforehand. Soak in the tub, buy a natural loofah, and go to town.

9. And while we’re speaking about sun (faux or not), apply your sunscreen nude, 20 minutes before heading out. Slip your bikini on after with total confidence that you got every single spot.

10. Experiment with bold blush in an orange-based hue. Colors that might not work on skin that’s fairer in the winter could be just perfect with a little bit of sun kissing.

12. Find a good DIY hair mask engineered to leave hair moisturized and shiny and go through the whole process.

13. Ditto for an at-home foot scrub. After beating the pavement in sandals and wedges, your heels are likely dry and in need of some TLC.

14. Bold brows are in, always, but there’s something about them done with barely-there makeup and tousled locks that looks so good.

15. Some women swear by oil, not lotion, as the ultimate moisturizer. Keep a bottle near your shower and after you’ve rinsed and turned the shower head off (but before drying yourself), apply it all over and then blot moisture away.

16. The marketplace has exploded with gel polishes you can try at home. It’s appealing, but intimidating time-wise, so use a lazy summer weekend to actually read the directions and try it yourself.

17. Push yourself to go one day longer before washing your hair than you’re normally comfortable with. Typically wash every other day? Try to go three (I bet you’ll be surprised how good your hair looks).

18. The season’s all about easy, laid-back stuff right? Put down the makeup bag and go totally bare-faced.

19. Try some of the natural how-to-get-beach-wave techniques different people are always espousing. I’m intrigued by Lauren Conrad’s version, where she recommended putting damp hair in Princess Leia style buns overnight.

20. I’ve collected a few spray cans of the temporary, neon hair colors but can never carve out time to actually try them. The next three-day weekend we have, I’m pulling one out and spraying on the ends of my hair.

What do you think about my beauty bucket list? Anything you’ve been wanting to try, too?