I think I speak for everyone in the Northeast when I say we all deserve gorgeous spring hair makeovers simply for surviving this winter. And assuming happier weather is coming soon(ish), what better way to greet it than with updated hair color that’s brighter, warmer, or just plain prettier?


To get your hair-spiration flowing, here are the three major hair color trends we’ll be seeing come spring-summer 2015, according to someone who’d know: Redken celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham.

1. Babylights

I recently posted about babylights being the next big thing, but as a refresher: Think subtle, totally natural blond highlights like the ones kids get from spending so much time outside. For this look, a colorist should lighten single strands instead of chunks, to lift your hue without creating obvious streaks; it’s an especially great way for a natural blond like Gwyneth Paltrow to enhance her color. “This has been my go-to blonding technique for many years,” Cunningham says. “[It] mimics the sun-kissed tones your hair took on when you were a child.”

2. Blonded brunette

“So many of my brunette clients believe that blond highlights are off-limits, but it is, in fact, the opposite—highlights on a brunette create a gorgeous lift,” Cunningham says. On Jessica Biel, for example, she has used a balayage effect to weave face-brightening pops of blond into just the bottom sections of her dark hair. This look is subtler than the ombre trend, though, where the whole bottom half of the hair is noticeably lighter.

3. Solid brunette

But if you just aren’t into stripey looks, never fear—single-note hair color is totally back in style. “A wildly popular trend on the opposite end of the spectrum is a rich monochromatic look, which is ideal for brunettes who want one solid color instead of dual tones,” Cunningham says. In a sea of ombre and highlights, commitment to a single gorgeous shade can make you stand out!

4. Richer red

“Deep, strong reds like Emma Stone’s are here to stay, both on and off the red carpet,” Cunningham says. Gone are the days when women would shy away from this shade based on fears of not flattering their skin tone; a good colorist can customize red for any complexion, working along a spectrum that ranges from cool ruby to vibrant copper.

Thoughts on these spring 2015 hair color predictions from Redken’s Tracey Cunningham? Which of these ideas tempt you—or are you still feeling ombre for the upcoming season?