It’s probably the biggest celebrity hair trend we’ve seen this spring: chopping off a foot or more of hair and debuting the much-shorter haircut on Instagram. It seems like we post about a new star’s haircut-via-Instagram at least two or three times a week. And lo and behold, another actress just jumped on the long-bob bandwagon in this way—but before I show you who, let’s revisit some of the other stars who’ve Instagrammed drastically shorter haircuts recently.

I think the trend really took off after Taylor Swift’s “short hair don’t care” Instagram in February.

Kaley Cuoco majorly chopped her hair in April—then she later went even shorter.

Come May, it was Whitney Port’s turn.

Then Coco Rocha Instagrammed her stark new bob before the bangs were even complete.

Hilary Duff was up next, also in May.

Mindy Kaling showed us her new length last week.

Then a few days ago, Hayden Panettiere hopped on the trend.

And now Ashley Tisdale is the latest to hack off tons of length and model her new look for Instagram fans.

I wonder if Instagram itself is responsible for all these celebrities suddenly taking off tons of hair? They get the Insta-gratification of hearing fans’ responses right after the haircut—or even during—and get to pose just the way they want to show off the new ‘do.

Which celebrity’s Instagram-debuted bob is your personal favorite? Tell us below!