Have you ever heard of Zote Soap? If you’ve spent time in Mexico you might have. And a group of A-list makeup artists are buzzing about it right now.


Yesterday makeup artist Jamie Greenberg posted a shot of soap to Instagram saying fellow artist Kindra Mann had recommended the soap as a makeup brush cleanser to her and fellow artist Kayleen McAdams, so she ran out and bought it. And though she didn’t give her verdict yet, the stream of approval that poured into the comments verified that this stuff is, in fact, wondrous. And since we know washing your makeup brushes is very, very important, that’s a good thing to know.

Here’s what it is: A laundry soap made with coconut oil and tallow and the name comes from the Spanish words “jabonzote” (Jabón Zote) which mean big soap. And since it’s made for hand-washing delicate fabrics, it’s gentle on your makeup brushes. Oh, and you can find it at shopfoodex.com or in Walmart stores for the bargain price of for $1.70. A steal, really. You can see why makeup artists would get excited by the sound of it.