We’ve sat through more lectures from experts about the importance of cleaning our makeup brushes than we ever did in school, yet we still never do it as it often as we should. A part of us wishes it could be as easy as tossing our brushes in with the rest of our laundry and calling it a day. And now, this latest super-cool invention actually makes that idea possible.


The Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleaning Device hold up to six brushes at the same time and uses soap, water and a rotating mechanism to remove harmful bacteria, dirt and gunky makeup without breaking down the bristles. Think of like a vacuum cleaner meets a Clarisonic—but for your brushes.

It retails for $149, but consider this as an investment: You’ll save tons of time from cleaning your brushes yourself, it increases the life and longevity of your tools, and you’ll keep your skin from breaking out from dirt and bacteria that build up on your brushes and transfer onto your skin. Plus, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to make them dry standing upright without damaging the bristles. Pretty genius. Be on the lookout for the site launch of lilumia.com beginning August 7.