Did you know hyaluronic acid supplements can help plump and hydrate your skin? No? I didn’t either. But I recently met a woman named Dara Kennedy, founder of the online natural beauty retailer Ayla, and I thought to myself, “Her skin is gorgeous.”

A photo posted by Susan Yara (@susanyara) on Aug 4, 2015 at 9:57am PDT

Naturally, I asked what she did, half expecting to hear a response about good genes, skin care routine, or a healthy diet (which she did have). But she also told me about a French product called Biocyte Hyaluronic Forte—anti-aging supplements that contain high concentrations of a plant-based form of hyaluronic acid that claim to help improve collagen and elastin levels in the skin.

Now, I realize hyaluronic acid might sound scary by nature of the word “acid” but it really isn’t. According to dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades, founder of the Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center in New York City, it’s naturally found in the second layer of our skin and plays an important role in skin structure. Remember that beautiful bounce the skin on your face used to have? Hyaluronic acid played a part in that.

That’s why so many of our skin care products contain it, and why it’s the most popular ingredient used in dermal fillers. “It has an important reputation in the anti-aging industry,” she says.

I just started taking my supplements and hope to see results in as little as a month (as the box states). And while Dr. Macrene says I should see some improvement in my skin, she also says I should still rely on a good skin care routine and consider it a multi-pronged approach to anti-aging.

“Just as you vary your diet to cover all the vitamins and nutrients you need, you should look for products that provide you with the maximum number and array of anti-aging ingredients to cover all your anti-aging needs,” she says.