Here’s where we’re at with 2016 and beauty-related resolutions: While we’re setting a select few important beauty goals (as in: sunscreen every day, a very vital thing), we’re also aiming for an overall more relaxed attitude toward our looks. How about this year we stress less, smile more, and have fun with our beauty routines, instead of beating ourselves up so much? In case you haven’t heard, striving for/faking perfection is not a thing anymore, anyway.

We’re kicking off our year of happy beauty vibes by giving ourselves permission to no longer worry about the following five things:

1. Unpainted nails.
While we’ll always love how a crisp, dark mani looks in the winter, right now feels like an ideal moment to just let our nails take a little breather. Nude fingernails (either polished in a flesh tone or literally bare) were all over the runways for fall-winter. No worries about chips or removing gel manicures? Sign us up.

2. Trying to get other people’s hair.
We’re not saying we plan to air dry ours in 2016 or anything insane like that. But after years of semi-denial we’re ready to accept that not everyone can “get Victoria’s Secret model hair,” no matter how many tips their stylists share with us backstage. This year we’re going to be all about indulging our own hair in whatever it does best, be that hanging beautifully in a bob, looking cute in messy buns/updos, or forming a gorgeous cascade of natural curls.

3. Endless brow maintenance.
It sometimes seems like a new hair sprouts before you even pull the previous one out. So why not just worry about brow sculpting a little less frequently. Even before bushy brows became the big thing, nobody cared about your stray brow hairs. Now anyone who even notices them probably just envies your robust brow-growth rates. These days, all we need is a little pomade to keep things looking groomed, and we’re good.

4. Roots showing.
Along the same lines, here’s a way to end the cycle of getting awesome hair color only to start worrying about every centimeter of root growth: Try root smudging. This technique, which gained popularity over the past year, involves your colorist using translucent color near your crown to blur the harsh line between your real color and your dyed one; you can do it a couple times in between dye jobs to tide you over for longer. (It’s healthier for your hair too!)

5. Updating our makeup.
While we admit we, too, got worked up about the Drake lipstick, we’re feeling a newfound appreciation for uniform dressing when it comes to beauty vs. trying to keep up with every next trend. Many of the iconic beauties we admire found one makeup look that works for them and stuck to it relentlessly, yet they never look boring or out of style (see: Sade). So as much as we love to keep up with what’s new, we’re just not going to care about the fact that our favorite lipstick color came out in 2002.

What would you add to our list of beauty things to stop stressing over in 2016? Tell us in the comments below!

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