Blockbuster Buzz: Eminence Organics on Location in Budapest

Boldijarre Koronczay with Dune cast

Blockbuster Buzz: Eminence Organics on Location in Budapest

Budapest, a city renowned for its stunning architecture and rich spa culture, has become a favored destination for Hollywood’s blockbuster productions. Among the city’s many accolades, it now stands out as a backdrop for major films and TV series, bringing together the glamor of the silver screen and the luxury of world-class skin care. 

Eminence Organic Skin Care has proudly contributed to the beauty and wellness of cast members and makeup artists on set. From Academy Award-winning films like Poor Things to thrilling action movies such as Chief of Station and highly anticipated TV series like Dune: Prophecy, Eminence Organics products have graced the faces of Hollywood’s finest, all while capturing Budapest’s rich history in beauty and skin care expertise.

Eminence Organics On The Set Of Chief of Station

The thrilling action film Chief of Station, filmed in Budapest, stars Golden Globe Award nominee Aaron Eckhart as a former CIA European Station Chief. The film follows his intense journey to uncover the truth behind his wife’s death. Joined by co-stars Olga Kurylenko and Laetitia Eido, the movie delivers gripping espionage and action sequences, including fistfights, gun battles and car chases.

During the filming in Budapest, our products were used by makeup artists on the set. This ensured the stars had prepped skin before their intense shoots. 

Dune: Prophecy

The HBO Max series Dune: Prophecy delves into the origins of the Dune universe, set 10,000 years before the events in the movie series starring Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson. Budapest served as a key filming location. Much of the interior scenes were shot at Origo Studios, one of Europe’s largest film studios, which has hosted numerous blockbusters like Blade Runner 2049 and Atomic Blonde. The city’s iconic landmarks, such as the Parliament Building and Fisherman’s Bastion, provided stunning backdrops that seamlessly blended into the series’ elaborate set designs.​ 


Eminence Organics had the privilege of contributing to this production by providing our products to the makeup artists and cast members, including Mark Strong, Emily Watson and Olivia Williams. This ensured that the actors’ skin was perfectly prepped for their scenes, maintaining their radiant appearance throughout the demanding filming schedule. 

Poor Things

During the filming in Budapest, Eminence Organics gifted our skin care products to the makeup artists and cast members on the set of the Academy Award-winning film Poor Things. The film received accolades for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, thanks to the expertise of award-winning makeup artist Nadia Stacey and her team, as well as a Best Actress award for Emma Stone. Namely, products were gifted to Oscar-winner Emma Stone and multi-time Oscar-nominee Mark Ruffalo

All The Light We Cannot See

The Netflix TV mini-series All the Light We Cannot See brings the acclaimed novel by Anthony Doerr to life. The story follows Marie-Laure, a blind French girl and Werner, a German soldier, whose paths cross amidst the turmoil of World War II. We gifted products to the makeup artists and cast members, including A-lister Mark Ruffalo. 

The Red Sparrow

The spy thriller Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence, prominently features Budapest’s diverse and iconic locations. The film follows Dominika Egorova, a former ballerina turned Russian intelligence operative, as she navigates the dangerous world of espionage. During the production in Budapest, Eminence Organics provided our skin care products to Jennifer Lawrence, ensuring she maintained a flawless appearance on set. 

Key scenes were filmed at several notable sites in Budapest including Heroes’ Square, with its grand statues and monuments, the opulent Boscolo Budapest Hotel and the historic Lotz Hall in the Book Café. Other significant locations included the Danubius Hotel Gellért and the Semmelweis University tower, each adding unique visual elements to the movie. 

Eminence Organics is proud to support the numerous cast members filming in Hungary, helping them maintain radiant and healthy skin throughout their demanding schedules. You can learn more by viewing our Celeb Love Page and see what many celebrities are saying. Or, explore our full range of products by visiting your nearest Eminence Organics Spa.

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