When you’re about to be photographed holding a brand-new princess, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, it’s time to take your hair seriously, especially when you’re Kate Middleton, a woman known for her glorious storybook mane. So when Duchess Catherine’s hairstylist, Amanda Cook Tucker, showed up on the scene after she gave birth to her second child over the weekend, the pressure was on. And although she looked overall very Kate Middelton-y, there were some pretty big differences between her hair at the two unveilings.

For Prince George’s world introduction in 2013, Middleton’s hair was quite ombre and all about the length.

But here’s how it looked Saturday:

It’s still quite long and bouncy with a rich brunette hue, but if you really compare the looks side by side, you see there are several subtle differences that add up to a more sophisticated style for 2015.


The major changes: The length has been taken up about four inches. Her brown hair shade is richer—a bit darker and more multidimensional. And there’s height at the crown of her hair that makes her look a bit more polished.

One of the major things that might account for the changes is that although Cook Tucker has remained her go-to stylist throughout her marriage, it was only shortly before George’s birth that she started getting her cut and color at the Rossano Ferretti Hairspa, a salon that centers around a special cutting technique using thinning sheers to snip into the hair in a unique way that creates seamless layers. And now that the team has had two years to refine her look, we can see exactly how that creates movement throughout her strands and prevents it from getting weighed down. Curious to know more? Read about my adventure there and see what it did to my hair.