One of the best things about braids, in our book, is how they take on the personality of the person wearing them. You can almost read a girl by her braid. Take Ciara, who’s been having a braid moment (as it turns out, the stunner she wore to last month’s Grammy Awards was just the beginning). While making appearances at Paris Fashion Week, she’s kept hair pro Cesar Ramirez, global artistic director for Mizani, on call to give her runway-worthy hairstyles of her own—including braids that are straight-up sexy with a side of badass, just like the singer herself. Here’s a recap.

1. The soft sideswept fishtail braid she wore to yesterday’s Givenchy show could be considered a reinvention of the half-up hairstyle, thanks to ample front sections left loose and flowing. “Today’s glam for Givenchy is one of my favs,” Ciara said of the hairstyle on Instagram. Ramirez echoed this in his own comment: “Last show of the season and we had to go out with a braid!”


2. Compare that to this tight, skinny, edgy fishtail she wore over the weekend. Totally different vibe. Our favorite part is how the taut texture plays up the two-tone pattern of her highlights and lowlights.

A photo posted by Ciara (@ciara) on Mar 4, 2016 at 3:20pm PST

3. Then there was the intentionally frizzy double braid crown she wore for the H&M show on March 2. “I wanted to play off the fun patterns in the dress,” Ramirez says. “I immediately thought something tribal, twisted, dreaded and maybe frizzy would complete her look.” To get that fuzzy effect, he pulled strands loose and misted them with Mizani Shyne Bodifying Sheen Spray. (If your hair’s feeling inadequate right now, note: One braid was made from loose extensions and pinned in like a headband.)



As much as we were feeling Ciara’s bob haircut (one of our picks for the best celebrity hairstyles of 2015), she’s clearly killing the hair game with these break-the-rules braids. We can’t wait to see what new version she and Ramirez concoct next—and in the meantime, those of us who still haven’t mastered the fishtail will be studying the below video.

Watch How to Do a Fishtail Braid:

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