After the latest #nomakeupselfie Cindy Crawford posted from a spa, we firmly believe the supermodel has a Flux Capacitor, TARDIS, or other time-travel device in her possession, because there’s no way this woman is 49 years old. But doing the math she indeed is, and luckily she spilled her beauty secrets both in a new book Becoming and, recently, to us. Read her anti-aging insights, thoughts on her Meaningful Beauty skin care line, and the advice she gives to her daughter Kaia (who just signed a major modeling contract) below.

A photo posted by Cindy Crawford (@cindycrawford) on Oct 6, 2015 at 6:00am PDT

The caption: “Post spa bliss.”

Lipstick: If you had to narrow down your absolute favorite product from your line, what would it be?
Cindy Crawford: I’d pick the Meaningful Beauty Day Creme because it has SPF. And the décolleté cream because a lot of times women forget about that. It’s hard to pick one! But really it’s SPF. Everyone should use it every day, even if you think you don’t need it. You do.

L: What do you use to keep the rest of your body so young-looking?
CC: I take what I put on my face and bring it down to my hands. I also use body cream. And I use a Neutrogena oil after I shower, when my skin is still wet, and that usually keeps my skin hydrated. If I’m wearing a skirt, I’ll use a little more cream to keep my legs moisturized.

L: What’s the best beauty advice you’ve given your daughter?
CC: She is already way more sophisticated about makeup than I was because of YouTube. But I always tell her, “Less is more.” You never want people to say, “I love your makeup.” You want them to say, “You look great.”

For more from the beauty on body confidence, her career advice, and lots and lots of pretty pictures throughout the years, pick up a copy of Becoming.


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