I almost wouldn’t believe it if Drew Barrymore herself hadn’t posted the photo, but it’s true: The following is, in fact, a photo of Drew Barrymore polishing her nails while riding a New York City subway!

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Uma foto publicada por Drew Barrymore (@drewbarrymore) em Nov 11, 2014 at 10:11 PST

To those of you who don’t live in NYC, this may not seem like a big deal. But New Yorkers are probably thinking the following one or two things.

1. This is a major feat, on par with applying mascara in a moving vehicle (never recommended!). Keeping nail polish inside the “lines” (cuticles) with that subway car jerking and rocking all over the place, and with zero elbow room? If Drew really did manage this, those are some superwoman-caliber DIY mani skillz right there.

2. Is this a beauty faux pas? Debatable. New Yorkers definitely get irked/disgusted/violently angry when people undertake certain personal grooming tasks while on mass transit. The main culprit: nail clipping. Yes, there are people who actually clip their nails on buses and subways, and it makes everyone around them want to vomit. (And, really, there’s NO other time when you could do that?) Polishing your nails seems different, though. I can see how you’d rush out of your apartment in a hurry and want to do an emergency nail intervention on the train once in a while. The odor of polish is minimal, and you’re not shedding personal genetic material all over the people around you. I vote that it’s OK.

Anyhow, because Drew Barrymore happens to be one of our all-time faves and is the sweetest, we love her for posting this shot and pretending to be an ordinary commuter for a minute.

PS: I need that rose-gold nail polish color. I reached out to Drew’s beauty brand, Flower, and got the shade name: Flower Nail’d It Nail Lacquer in Make My Daylily, $4.98 at Walmart.

PPS: Note that Drew is back to blond! Yay!

Your turn to weigh in, ladies: What’s your take on the subway/mass transit manicure? Have you ever done one in a pinch? Would you judge if someone else did?