Just when we finished saying how we’re over buzzy beauty products that sell out in four seconds, we have another break-the-Internet item to add to the list.

First, let’s flash back to New Year’s Eve a year ago; while you were getting your champagne situated for the post-countdown toast, legions of makeup lovers who follow makeup artist-turned-beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill were getting their clicking fingers poised, ready to snatch up a new shadow palette she collaborated on with the brand Morphe (you can watch her show it off in the below YouTube clip). The Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette was set to go on pre-sale at the stroke of midnight, and the 25-year-old makeup artist’s followers knew they’d have to act fast if they were going to kick off 2015 with the $28, 28-color set in their hands.

You know what happened then: website crashing, purchases thwarted, makeup-loving souls crushed. Same old story. (Hill said the site’s IT guys had assured everyone it was ready to smoothly handle up to 1.5 million visitors at a time, and that some sort of hacking situation caused the issues). Once the site was responsive again, the palette promptly and predictably sold out.

Next, Hill collaborated with makeup brand Becca on a universally flattering highlighter shade called Champagne Pop. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? When it went on sale in July the retailer sold a record-breaking 25,000 compacts in just 20 minutes.

For New Year’s 2016 (well, a few days after), Hill sparked another product sell-out. All it took to make Morphe’s new limited-edition, gem-encrusted brush set (That Bling Set, $100) instantly disappear from stock was a mere mention on Hill’s Instagram account yesterday—one written almost entirely in emoji. We contacted Hill to find out if there was any more to the story of why everyone’s freaking out over these particular brushes, but were told it was really just as simple as she loves the quality and sparkle of the set. Apparently, it’s as simple as everything she touches turns to sold-out.

Tomorrow is the day! These are seriously the most gorgeous brushes I’ve ever owned! @morphebrushes is launching this very limited brush set tomorrow at 12:00pm PST These are their elite collection brushes (their highest quality) blinged out!! price is $99.99 My code “JACATTACK” will save you $10 at checkout

A photo posted by J A C L Y N (@jaclynhill) on Jan 3, 2016 at 6:08pm PST

The good news: Now that Champagne Pop is half a year old, you can order it in leisurely, stress-free fashion. Now that’s more our speed.

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