Mila Kunis was out for the premiere of Third Person last night, giving us the opportunity to get a really good look at her epically awesome eyeliner. Let’s go to the close-up, shall we?


When you really get in there, you can see a few little things that can help you make your eyeliner look just like this.

1) Her liner goes all the way around, slipping inside the inner rims of her eyes on your bottom lids and smudging a bit into the inner corners, so the line isn’t crisp enough to create a corner.

2) The liner on her top lids is muted a bit—when I go for a look like this, I usually line my upper lids with liquid liner, then go over it with a gray eyeshadow to dull it. The result: eyeliner that supports the eye but doesn’t take too much attention away from my eyes themselves.

3) Her sparkly eyeshadow peeks out from around the eyeliner, even on the bottom. Sparkle there = twinkling eyes.

Here’s the order I’d apply this look: First, I’d dust taupe eyeshadow all the way around my eyes and up to the creases on my top lids. Then I’d grab a liquid liner and trace my top lids. Once it was dry, I’d go over the line with gray eyeshadow. And then finally, I’d grab a black pencil and very gently line just inside my waterline on the bottom and smudge the tip into the base of my lashes.

Any of you going to give copying this look a try?