I was recently converted from moisturizers to serums and face oils by my favorite makeup artist (and Olivia Wilde’s red-carpet prep star), Katey Denno. But whenever I applied bronzer and concealer on top, my wonderful new glowy skin turned dull. (Note: Denno is a fan of getting your skin to such a naturally beautiful state via serums and face oils that you don’t need much makeup, so I was forgoing foundation.)

So I went back to the expert! Here are Denno’s lessons on how to make that healthy, hydrated skin glow last.

1. Beware of powder bronzers.
“Any application of a powder product on top of an oil will absolutely dull the glowy effect.”

2. Use a facial mist.
“If you’re in love with your powder bronzer, then I recommend spritzing your face with a mist post-bronzer application—I like the ones from Tata Harper and Maya Water. And be sure to re-spritz as the day goes on.”

3. Switch to a cream bronzer.
“Although they can be more difficult to apply than the quick sweep of a brush across your face, a cream bronzer definitely keeps you bronzy and dewy longer. Dr. Hauschka and By Terry both make great ones, and Ilia’s highlighter in Sway works well for darker skin tones—although it’s in a stick form, so I recommend applying it with a stippling brush on your cheeks rather than using the product directly on your face.”

4. Give your skin even more oils.
“If the bronzed area going matte isn’t really what’s bothering you, but you’re just losing that overall glow too quickly, it means one of two things: Your skin could stand to have a more viscous blend of oils applied. Each oil has a different weight and absorption ability, so I recommend switching to a heavier oil, or mix a serum into your face oil because serums are often heavier than oil blends. Tammy Fender’s serum/oil blend is seriously magic stuff.”

5. Don’t give up on moisturizer.
Or it means that you need a moisturizer (which is oils + wax) to seal in the oil you applied. When I’m feeling particularly dry, or I want to glow all day long, I seal in my morning oil by putting on a moisturizer. There are so many green brands that make delicious moisturizers that are good for your skin, so I’d look at spiritbeautylounge.com and take your pick!”

6. Try a hyaluronic acid gel.
“They really help to seal in moisture. I use one from Epicuren and you just apply the thin fluid as your final layer to help keep you glowy-er.”

7. Let your skin learn.
“You’ll probably find that as your skin gets more and more healthy and hydrated at the deepest levels, on an ongoing basis, you’ll be able to get by with just the oil. Often when we find the right balance of oil in our skin, our pores stop producing so much of our own oil because they’re finally satiated and don’t feel the need to overproduce, making us think I used to be so glowy and dewy, and now that I’m using face oil I’m LESS glowy—what the hell?? It’s actually a sign of balance, oddly. So trust in the process!”

Check out Denno’s blog The Beauty of It Is for tons more wisdom!