Eyebrows have been having the best time the past few years, don’t you think? Ten years ago, all we talked about was tweezing (or waxing) and that was kind of it. But now, thanks to gloriously full brows from the ladies like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, our brow-spective is changing.


Getting comfortable with a brow powder was one of the best things I’ve done for my daily makeup routine, but I remember how intimidating it was to try (and we still don’t talk about it much—this was an actual convo in my office: “Hey, don’t take this the wrong way, but did you do your brows?”). For whatever reason, eyebrows are fraught with worry and nerves about getting it just right. Consider my talk with Natalie Plain of Billion Dollar Brows as a pep talk to inspire you to get in on the brow-pencil action.

“For someone who typically doesn’t do anything to their brows, I’d recommend using a pencil over powders or gels,” she said. “Choose one close to your natural brow color. Any darker will be too intense and make them look drawn on.”

Where do you start?
“At the bottom of the brow, and use short brush strokes, blending and brushing hair up as you go.” For women with thicker brows to start with, use the same motion to simply fill in any gaps.

How do you make brows look bigger but not weird?
Study the shape of your natural brows. “There’s no standard shape for natural-looking brows. Follow your brow line, but make sure to find your arch and end before trying to build out fuller brows.” Emphasizing the arch works for some, but if yours has been over-tweezed or -waxed, it’s not the best approach.

What do I do if I make a mistake?
“Concealer and highlighter pencils are your best friends when it comes to mistakes.” Because attempting to use makeup remover can remove all your hard work, use a dot of concealer instead and highlighter to help spotlight where the brows end and your forehead begins. “The most natural-looking brows are not the most precise or perfectly filled-in, so allow some room for error and have fun with the process.”

Do you do anything to your brows as part of your daily makeup routine?

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