You may not have heard of Lissette Rodriguez, the founder of the PR agency Chic Influence (a firm she created just a few months ago, with a focus on Latinas), but one look at her brows and you’ll want to know everything about her routine and the brands she reps. Long before full eyebrows became the subject of Instagram hashtags, Rodriguez knew the importance of keeping hers in top shape. She may have been born with the goods, but it was a little push from her mom that instilled a real love for the grooming process. These days, she considers her naturally thick and arched eyebrows her favorite—and most commented-on—feature. And because beautifully polished brows don’t just happen (if only), we knew Rodriguez had to have a few secrets to share. Listen in and learn!


You grew up in a Latin household in Miami. What kind of beauty advice did you hear?
“My mom is the typical Latina mom, who taught me at a young age the importance of maintaining my appearance. She said that as a young lady ‘growing into womanhood’ there were certain beauty routines like skin care, makeup, manis, and pedis that I should get into. I know it sounds a little vain, but it was something that my mom and I did together. We enjoyed getting pampered and taking care of ourselves.”

That makes total sense! So your brows were part of that beauty education?
“Yes. I had very thick, bushy eyebrows so when I was around 13, my mom took me to an eyebrow specialist to get them groomed. My grandmother’s and mom’s eyebrows weren’t as thick as mine (they did their own) so she found an expert for me. Before I had my driver’s license, either she or my older brother would take me to my appointments.”

What do you you remember about that first visit?
“The specialist waxed my brows into its natural shape, removed the excess hairs that made them look bushy and got rid of the unibrow. I remember him telling me that I had great eyebrows and that I should never try to pluck or shape them myself because one wrong tweezing session would change the look of my face. He instilled in me the fear of bad brows. I will never pluck them myself!”

How did you feel right after getting them done?
“I liked feeling groomed and anything that made me feel older made me feel cool. You know how it is at 13. Now, at 31, when I get them done I feel like myself again. I always tell my lady when she hands me the mirror, ‘I feel like a girl again!'”

How often do you get them done?
“I religiously get my brows done at Shobha every three weeks so my look remains consistent. Once I’m hitting that three-week mark, I get antsy because my eyebrows get too hairy for my taste. When they aren’t groomed, I feel disheveled. And I actually enjoy the maintenance process. Is that weird? I think it’s because my mom made it a positive experience.”

Your brows are very much in style! Do people comment on them?
“Always. It’s the only brow I know, but it’s definitely nice to have other women appreciate them. Before starting my own company, one of my bosses would kick off our one-on-one meetings with ‘I still can’t get over your brows.’ And recently, I got an email from a potential client that was simply labeled ‘Eyebrows.’ She wanted to know where I got them done, adding that she felt weird asking me in person. I thought it was flattering and funny.”

Have you ever had any brow catastrophes, maybe when trying to change them?
“Only when a new groomer tried to make my brows too thin. I had a hard time finding someone when I first moved to NYC, so I tried two specialists before landing on my current threader. I nicely explained that I’m terrified of a thin, overarched eyebrow, and I wanted them to focus on cleaning up the stray hairs and maintaining the existing shape and thickness. I left with pencil-thin brows! I was in a terrible mood for weeks after each experience. I spent about two months growing them out completely and apologizing to co-workers and clients for my hairy eyebrow situation. I didn’t want my colleagues to think I’m just walking around with untamed eyebrows for no reason!”

Never! Walk us through your brow maintenance routine.
“It’s pretty simple, actually. I leave the actual hair removal to the pros, so I have a set threading appointment every three weeks at Shobha. I’ve been going there for about six years. I prefer threading because my skin gets very red, bumpy and irritated when I wax. Plus, a friend traumatized me after telling me that waxing gives you sagging eyelids. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that has always stayed on my mind, so threading it is! For my day-to-day look, I fill and define them a bit, but not so much that it looks obvious.”

What are your must-have products?
“In the morning, the hairs are going in every direction, so I start by brushing them. Then, I lightly fill and line them with It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($24, I can apply it lightly, or for those nights when I go out, I can press a little harder and darken the color. I soften any hard strokes with the brush end. I follow with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil ($23). I’ll define under my arch with the matte side (for day) and the shimmer side (for night). Finally, I’ll set my brows in place with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel ($22, both products at I do this every day. It might seem like a lot, but having good brows helps me get away with less makeup.”

Do you have any brow idols?
“Growing up, I was enamored with the whole beauty vibe on Salma Hayek and Eva Mendes, including their brows. Lately, I’m loving Alejandra Espinoza. Her eyebrows are gorgeous. Total girl crush!”

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