Leave it to braid guru Sarah Potempa to find a way to make five-strand braiding seem like something doable by real humans and not a style that should only be attempted by an ambidextrous octopus. The super-star hairstylist (who is famous for her daily plait series on Instagram—she’s on braid 340 of her 365-day challenge) created a quick how-to using one of your favorite childhood toys. Spoiler: We don’t mean a Glo Worm.

Her caption: “Ever wondered how to do a #5strandbraid? Just follow these steps—left over and under, right over and under, repeat! We were building #frozen characters and the #braids looked so cool so I filmed this quick #hairhowto with @playdoh!”

Watch and learn:

A video posted by Sarah Potempa (@sarahpotempa) on Dec 6, 2015 at 11:45am PST

Play-Doh to the rescue! We’ve seen braid tutorials done with non-hair objects before (like ones done with bread dough) and they’re always easier to understand than the ones done with actual hair strands. The contrast between the different sections is not only clearer to see but these materials also stay put better than hair, so the weaver doesn’t have to hold everything so tightly while she works. As for the process of the five-strand braid, the idea is to weave each section around two locks of hair (instead of one the way you do with a regular three-strand braid), pulling the working piece over the first and under the second. Just keep hitting play above until you get it.

Now that you know how to do it, get to braiding, you non-octopi!

P.S. For proof of Potempa’s braid prowess, you might remember this intricate one we were obsessed with at the start of the year or this one she gave Anna Chlumsky (there’s a great story behind it!).

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