Foods You Must Eat to Avoid Oily Skin


Oily skin and nutrition: Eat these foods to alleviate the problem


Fruits and vegetables, as well as vegetable fats, are the best foods to treat oily skin.


People with oily skin face an aesthetic problem every day, that of having to mattify it to avoid the classic greasy and sweaty effect that is mainly concentrated in the T-zone of the face. In summer, we must also follow a series of particular cares for oily skin, but we can also alleviate the problem through nutrition and the foods we want to discover below.




The forehead, nose, and chin are the points where oily skin tends to look much brighter, and for those who suffer from this problem, it is difficult to leave the house without makeup.


Since genetics and hormones are the main culprits of oily skin, you also have to say that lousy eating habits certainly help fuel the disorder. When the epidermis is not as pure and smooth as we would like and perhaps it also has pimples, we are probably not treating ourselves as well as we should.


If we want to alleviate the problem of oily skin, we must start from the diet, choosing a balanced menu as per nutrients and above all that does not include any excess.




Let’s start by saying that fat calls fat, so before we say what we can eat to limit the problem, it is good to start with what is good to leave on the supermarket shelves. The foods processed and packaged are a source of trans fats that are bad for health and the beauty of our skin, so we must avoid them at all costs.


In particular, we will have to ban potato chips, sandwiches, and packaged foods, which are also high in quick-release carbohydrates. Let’s also eliminate alcohol and sugary drinks, as they cause spikes in blood sugar that only worsen skin health and even acne.


Instead, it would help if you went green with fresh, unsweetened juices, freshly made seasonal fruit, and vegetable extracts. If animal fats and especially dairy products (other than yogurt) need to be limited in oily skin, vegetable fats are allowed. We use a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and season with lemon juice and aromatic herbs to season the food.


Since oily skin often goes hand in hand with a fatty liver, we can follow a detox diet that frees us of toxins and waste substances; then, we can adopt the classic Mediterranean diet, which is balanced and perfect for the general body health. It will also be good to drink a lot of water during the day to cleanse the kidneys. 


Topically, let’s treat the skin with products that naturally mattify it and, in the case of pimples, let’s use those that disinfect, such as the green clay mask.

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