Not to get all conspiracy-theorist on you, but there seems to be some force that is making our favorite men do questionable and quirky things in the grooming department. Between dudes going for the lumberjack beards and man buns and the fact that a couple of celebrities are having to make strange beauty choices for acting roles, it’s a rough fall for anyone in love with the clean-cut look.

Now, we’re not against a man playing with his style. The man bun sometimes works for us—hey, Jared Leto can pull it off. Some men, however, may be taking things too far. For example, the recent trend of men getting beard implants? That seems a bit drastic, don’t you think?

And speaking of drastic, Benji Madden went out last night with a skull tattoo. No, we don’t mean a tattoo of a skull, we’re talking about a tattoo on his skull.

But it’s on movie sets where things are looking truly out of the ordinary.

Take, for in stance, Tom Hanks’ new face fuzz he’s grown to play Captain Scully, the pilot who emergency-landed a plane on the Hudson River. It’s an old-time-y mustache with just the right level of creep factor to erase all your good memories of Sleepless in Seattle.

And on the set of Gold, Matthew McConaughey has been wearing a bald cap that we’re sure is necessary for the part but hurts our souls just a little bit anyway.

These last two are temporary, so they’ll be going away soon. But the man buns (and potential hair loss because of them) and the beards and Madden’s head tattoo? Well, those are probably here to stay, as scruffy and out-there seems to be the direction men are going with their grooming. And we’re hoping that changes soon because, like Cher Horowitz, we don’t want to be traitors to our generation and all, but sometimes we’re suckers for a clean-shaven face and a fresh haircut.

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