If you haven’t watched the new Calvin Harris + Disciples video for “How Deep Is Your Love” on Tidal yet, you’re missing out on some major beauty inspiration on model Gigi Hadid, who wanders around a club, a yacht, a pool party, and a beach bonfire, all while wearing pretty makeup and playing with her lovely, lovely hair looking for…love, perhaps? It’s unclear, but what is obvious is that this woman is gorgeous and so is her hair and makeup (done by hairstylist Jennifer Yepez and makeup artist Patrick Ta).

She starts out glowy with hair that’s mostly straight with some body.

Then she lands on a yacht with wavy hair that could have magical spinning powers because they make her want to spin and spin and spin.

After jumping in a pool, she gives us a wet, glossy beauty look.

The we get a few brief glimpses of her in a red lipstick that we’ll be dreaming about forever.

Finally she lands on a hint of Victoria’s Secret waviness and a heavier ring of eyeliner.