The only thing we love more than getting our first dark, vampy manicure of the fall season: fantasizing about getting a gorgeous hair color makeover. With us? Then indulge the daydreams with a few intriguing fall hair color trends we’ve overheard the pros talking about lately.

1. Metallic Hair

What it looks like: “Warm metallics like copper, rose gold, and yellow gold-inspired blond are hot, trending shades as we move into fall,” says colorist Kate Reid, director of education for Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy. “These can be worn in a solid, global color application with a focus on intense shine, or use a ‘babylights’ technique.” Babylights involve creating ultra-subtle variations throughout the hair, to mimic the sort of highlights you’re naturally born with or get from the sun.


How to get it: Collect plenty of photos of the metallic color you want and examples of the application you’re envisioning—whether it’s all over or uses babylights. “Since stylists and clients tend to communicate differently due to their levels of knowledge, visuals help to ensure that you’re on the same page,” Reid notes.

2. Hair Contouring

What it looks like: Now that you’ve finally figured out how to contour your face (thanks to our contouring 101 video), considering what contouring your hair color could do. This newish term refers to how strategically placed color can flatter the face in makeup-like ways. “A great example of this look is Reese Witherspoon at the Oscars this year,” says Nick Penna, owner and lead stylist of SalonCapri in Boston. “She has a heart shaped face—a wider forehead with a narrow chin. To minimize the width at the top of her head, her hair is a bit darker at the roots and around the forehead, serving as a shadow effect. Toward the ends and near her chin, her hair gets significantly lighter to highlight that area and make it appear wider than it actually is.”


How to get it: “Choose a stylist who is familiar and experienced in freehand coloring techniques like balayage,” Penna advises. “Think of hair contouring as taking balayage a step further than usual by using strategic placement of highlights and darker tones to enhance the face.” Discuss with your stylist which parts of your face you’d like to highlight or minimize and work from there. Generally, the lighter and darker tones used should stay within a couple shades of your base/natural color.

3. Bronde

What it looks like: Just like it sounds—a cross between brown and blond (picture the color of honey). “Bronde is the perfect bridge from summer to fall,” explains celebrity colorist Sharon Dorram, owner of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger in New York City, who says clients love it as a way to get relief from summer’s drying bleach-blond color without going dramatically dark.


How to get it: Think Beyonce. Ask for bronde color created using a combination of balayage highlights/lowlights and a warm-toned rinse. The idea is to leave the salon with color that looks natural, only enhanced. If you’re starting with dark hair, the stylist will begin by lightening it a couple of shades.