Curl-free girls, we hear you—you need more haircut options. Straight hair shows off the lines of a cut better than any other texture out there, so a great one is not only crucial but it can change your whole vibe. Here are a few ideas that will break you out of any hair rut and most of your sleek mane—without boring you to tears.

You can go for seamless layers that start low-down in your hair like Kendall Jenner (they give you great movement):

Opt for razor-cut layers with a side-swept bang like Ellie Kemper:

Add thick side-swept bangs like Lindsay Price:

Try an angled bob like Queen Letizia of Spain—hey, it’s good enough for royalty:

You can add schoolgirl bangs and bring attention to your eyes like Nicki Minaj:

Or ask for blunt-cut layers with snipped-in ends like Taylor Schilling: