If you’re like me and have been loving Hilary Duff since she was Lizzie McGuire, her choice to go from blond to turquoise was certainly surprising. She said she was inspired by the ocean, and while the general verdict is of the thumbs-up variety, I’m happy to report that she’s addressing the other issues that can come with coloring your hair.


In a video with MTV, she says the new shade is making her think twice about other things. “It takes awhile to get used to. My makeup has to be different, colors that I wear have to change a little bit,” she said. I felt the same way when I dipped my toe into the pinky-red pool, so I can’t even imagine how tricky it would be to plan around such a bold new color.

Have you ever done something, drastic or not, to your hair and realized it affected choices you made about the rest of your look?