If you often think about getting bangs but aren’t really sure you want bangs bangs—the all-in, hard-to-pin-back kind—here’s an idea for you. Celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis just gave Hailee Steinfeld what he calls “no-bangs bangs” to update the actress’ look now that she’s also a singer. “Hailee wanted to have effortless face-framing layers when she had her hair up,” he tells us. “With her killing the music scene now too, she wanted the cut to have an edgy rock ‘n’ roll vibe to it.” The coolest thing about her bangs, though, is that they can easily transform—or disappear altogether.

At a concert in London over the weekend, the bangs were in rocker mode; here’s a pic Steinfeld posted on social media.


Then the same bangs went French-girl chic for Tuesday’s Jingle Ball kickoff in NYC.


But during Steinfeld’s gig as musical guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, the bangs were nowhere to be seen.


So what’s the secret to such versatile and non-committal bangs? “I cut Hailee’s bangs very tapered on the sides so they really blend with the rest of the hair,” Francis says. “Have your stylist cut the section in an ‘A’, with the shortest part between the eyebrows, coming down at an angle to frame the eyes,” Francis says. “Then the bangs will really blend into the layers of the cut. Also, don’t section them too far back from the hairline.”

The trick to making the bangs disappear: In the photo above, Steinfeld slicked them straight back into her high ponytail, but you can also blend no-bangs bangs into your layers while you blow dry. “On a day when you aren’t in the mood for bangs, blow-dry them while styling them with your fingers to get a casual swoop to the side,” Francis says. “They’ll blend better that way than if you use a round brush. And with the way they’re cut, it’ll be a breeze making them look like layers rather than bangs.” Just look at how they’re camouflaged below.


One last styling tip: “I like to leave these bangs mostly product-free to prevent them from looking oily,” Francis says. When they need help laying flat, he uses just a little Suave Blow Dry Spray.


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