We don’t know what your local forecast has in store for the weekend, but we are certain that you don’t want to end up with your makeup running down your face by the end of any outdoor plans on your calendar. Use these tips to making sure your makeup doesn’t have a meltdown.


1. Start with a mattifying product. This will help absorb the oil that your skin produces in heat that adds to the whole slide-offing effect. One to try: Boots Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Day Cream ($13.99, drugstore.com).

2. If your waterproof or sweatproof mascara still runs, give a tube-style one a go. These formulas create full tubes around your lashes that slide off whole, so they don’t smudge. Never tried one? Find out why they’re a game changer.

3. Reach for makeup that’s meant to last. Hey, these days even brow pencil comes in sweat-resistant formulas. Take advantage. A good foundation that’s perspiration-friendly: MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation ($32, maccosmetics.com).

4. Get friendly with stains. These products for lips and cheeks soak into your skin, so they don’t move once they take hold. Find out how one of our writers turns her most beloved lipstick shades into stains here.

5. Try a setting mist. Think of these sprays like hairspray for your makeup—they lock in the color, protecting it from outside forces (including sweat). The one you’ll find in a lot of makeup artists’ bags: Urban Decay All Nighter ($14, sephora.com).

Use these five tips and you’ll stay camera-ready for all your holiday weekend photos. Oh, and if you’re worried about sweat rings, try this antiperspirant tip.