Let’s be honest: If someone had seriously suggested you wear brown lipstick at this time last year, your expression may have defaulted to barely concealed contempt. But a lot has happened since then, especially the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, and Jenner’s memorable cocoa-lips moment at Fashion Week in September, which made even the shier makeup wearers among us suddenly, unexpectedly dig the earthy color. Women (and celebrities) everywhere have since embraced modern twists on the brown-red lipsticks everyone loved in the ’90s—yet many of us still think we personally probably couldn’t pull the look off. There’s the Kylie-level (or Rihanna-level) precision required to create those flawlessly smooth dark edges, and then the whole issue of “does this even remotely flatter my complexion?” So many of us file brown lips away as a trend we’re meant to admire from afar.

Then, last night, we saw a play on brown lips that’s infinitely easier to swipe on, even for those with a moderate-to-iffy makeup skill set. For the premiere of How to Be Single, makeup artist Pati Dubroff created a “gypsy-inspired, with a touch of glam rock” face on Dakota Johnson, featuring flashy silver-glitter and camel smoky eyes. Those were pretty amazing, but let’s try to focus on the lips for our purposes here: This subtle beige tint is an easy way to embrace the brown trend without any intimidation factor. To create it, Dubroff layered two Laura Mercier products—the Lip Pencil in Hazelnut Tea, to define and fill in Johnson’s lips, topped with the Sheer Lip Colour in Nude Lips. So it’s like a nutty nude, only way prettier than that sounds. Nude lips gone a little nutty? OK, no, we’ll stop. Let’s just say this is our new favorite way to pull off brown lips when you’re not Kylie Jenner or one of the beauty vloggers who looks like her.


PS: As you might recall, we were recently rambling on about the coolness of Johnson’s haircut, and lo and behold at last night’s premiere it was suddenly quite a bit longer. Oh, celebrities, we just can’t keep up with the hair changes.

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