Add another bullet point to the list of things that aren’t so great about that time of the month. Insight from period-tracking app Clue reveals that women’s hair starts to look not-so-hot in the week before their period (oily, flat, and stringy were the exact words used).

Don’t think it’s just PMS-related grumbling either. There’s a real connection between heightened progesterone levels and excess sebum production. If you notice your face getting oily in the lead up to getting your period (or if you get cystic acne breakouts around your chin and jawline), it’s likely affecting the level of oil production on your scalp too. Major bummer, especially if you already have oily hair to begin with. You also might notice your hair getting greasy during your period, because that’s when testosterone—another oil-production trigger—levels are at a high during our cycles. Sigh.

Even if occasional greasiness is unavoidable, it’s not a problem you should fight constantly. Read up on the most common hair-washing mistakes to make sure your strands are as healthy and shiny as possible. And if you need a good oil-soaking dry shampoo, we’ve got the best suggestions for your hair type and texture here.

On a happier note, watch Lucy Hale demonstrate her surprisingly awesome makeup skills: