Three years after launching her eponymous first fragrance, Jennifer Aniston takes a stab at her second, J by Jennifer Aniston ($39, kohls.com). If you haven’t smelled it yet, I highly recommend doing so—it’s divine. Read on to learn what the scent reminds her of, how she likes men to smell, and what drives her nuts about other people and perfume.

Congrats on your second fragrance! You’ve said this one reminds you of a day spent in the ocean. Can you tell us about one of your most memorable days spent in the ocean recently?
“Memorial Day weekend at Courteney [Cox]’s house—we took a walk on the beach with Coco and just relaxed on beach towels. It was heaven.”

What did you learn from creating your first fragrance that helped you create and launch this one?
“Creating my first fragrance was such a fun experience. I wanted the scent to be a reflection of me and something I love, while also being something I knew women would want to wear—it was all about finding the right notes in the perfect balance. With this fragrance, I had more of an idea of what I wanted from the start. It made putting all the pieces together easier.”

Do you have a specific way you apply this fragrance? Are you a mist-and-walk-through kind of person or a spray-directly-on-pulse-points person?
“I’m a mist-and-walk-through gal. And I usually re-up twice a day.”

Do you have any fragrance pet peeves?
“Yes. Where do I begin? There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a taxi or on an elevator with someone who has overdone it. Just a spray or two is all you really need. Fragrance should never be too overwhelming.”

What are your thoughts on fragrances for men?
“I think a man’s natural scent is sort of awesome. But if he does wear cologne, I prefer earthy notes like sandalwood and musks.”

And where do you keep your fragrances?
“On my vanity. And a little one in my purse.”