Just in time for your spring makeover (go you, surviving yet another winter!), Julianne Hough has re-worked her hair in a way that’ll have you staring at her photos all day every day until you can finally get yourself into a salon. The star had gotten a little bored while growing out her hair, according to Riawna Capri, Hough’s hairstylist and co-owner of Nine Zero One salon. So over the weekend, she shook things up for the new season by getting her hair snipped several inches shorter into what Capri is calling a modern-day shag—enhanced by a cooler, beigey-blond color. (Best thing we’ve heard in a while: Capri’s cocker spaniel, JazzyFey, provided some of the color inspiration.)

We’re sure part of this is just spring fever setting in, but we’re finding so much to love here: the idea of lightening up our color in time for warmer weather (but in this fresher way, vs. those default golden highlights we’ve all turned to in springs past), the new more-defined shape for shoulder-grazing layers, and most of all, the reminder that hair needn’t be in limbo when you’re waiting for it to get longer. “When you’re growing out your hair, make sure to have fun in the process! We do!” Capri writes on Instagram. Clearly—and we are so ready to be doing the same.

Julianne Hough’s hair before:

And her hair after:

Also, see it in action while she lip-syncs to Selena Gomez:

A video posted by Julianne Hough (@juleshough) on Mar 3, 2016 at 6:39pm PST

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