Hey, ladies! Today I’m back to blogging after spending the past few months snuggling my new baby, Ben (yes, it’s a boy, and his big sisters are over the moon!). I missed all of you, and while nothing can compare to Ben’s fuzzy little head, I’m ready to get back to thinking/writing about grown-up hair—and more than ready to attend to my own neglected head, just in time for fall. Beauty priority No. 1 on my list: Get a haircut. The plan was to add fresh layers to my bra-strap-length hair, but photos of Amanda Seyfried’s brand-new haircut have me considering something else entirely. How’s this for fall 2015 hair inspo?


At the U.S. Open in New York City yesterday, the actress whose name is basically synonymous with impossibly thick, shiny, and loooong hair debuted a sophisticated collarbone-grazing length. And it feels ideal as an option for this moment, for those of us who have longer hair. I can count four reasons right off the bat:

1. This length gives you all the satisfaction of getting a spankin’-new haircut for fall—which will always be the official season of reinvention, whether or not you still go back to school—but doesn’t require a major commitment, as you can easily grow your hair long again.

2. It’s universally flattering. You don’t need Seyfried’s doll-like features or a delicate heart-shaped face to pull this off. Shoulder-length hair can soften a square jaw or slim a round face without overpowering it, which can happen with really long hair.

3. It’ll save you styling time (and money!). Less length means less time spent detangling, round-brushing, curling—whatever’s in your routine. And this shorter cut would probably allow me to use half as much of my expensive thickening spray. Bonus!

4. What better way to get rid of dried-out ends after a summer of chlorine, sun, and salt water? This cut instantly makes your hair look one million percent healthier.

That said, I’m still not totally sure if I’ll go for it (I might want to enjoy my crazy-long post-pregnancy hair a little longer), but this pic is definitely going in the inspiration file. Long-haired readers in the house, what do you think: Would you go for Amanda Seyfried’s new haircut this fall?

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