Looking like Karlie Kloss at your next holiday party is now within reach: All you have to do is watch and learn.


The supermodel just posted her first makeup tutorial, titled “Recreating My Met Gala Look,” to her YouTube channel, Klossy, in which she shares how she got that sultry smoky eye with the help of Sir John—the makeup artist and L’Oreal Paris brand ambassador who’s also behind some of Beyonce’s sexiest beauty looks. The two reveal they’ve been besties since they first met backstage at a Dior runway show in Paris.

Sir John likes to start with Kloss’ eyebrows, which he deftly fills in using a “bare, cool color” pencil. His pro tip? Make sure you use a pencil and a powder to fill in your brows, so they don’t fade as the day goes on.

The makeup pro next prepares her eyelids with a taupe shadow as a primer, before using an iridescent emerald eyeliner—L’Oreal Paris Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner in Green Ivy—to perfect her signature cat-eye. (Don’t forget to get underneath that lower lash line!) Next comes mascara, which he applies liberally before swiping foundation over her face for sheer but luminous coverage.

Sir John even shares a lip hack he learned from Beyonce, which is tapping lipstick onto the bottom lip before doing “fish mouth”—a motion where you squeeze your lips together repeatedly until the perfect layer of color is achieved.

The tutorial moves quickly and is pretty adorable (Kloss describes her brows as “little exclamation points” above her eyes). Some final touches include contouring (“The goal isn’t to create some Star Wars, three-dimensional new quality to your face, the goal is to enhance what you have,” Sir John says) and strobing.

Now all that’s left for you to do? Try the look for yourself!

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