Hair colorist Lorri Goddard is the woman of the hour—the part owner of the recently opened Goddard + Bragg salon in West Hollywood is responsible for Kim Kardashian’s new platinum hair color. Below, the scoop on the new hue and her tips for taking hair ultralight for those now craving a Kardashian-approved snow-white mane.


On how her new look came about:
“Paris Fashion Week [which Kim is attending now] is a time for adventurous chic shades to be shown! The inspiration was glamour platinum, and we went from there.”

On taking a brunette so light:
“It’s tricky to turn any dark hair to platinum. It was a lot of attention to detail!”

Her advice for anyone thinking of going for the look themselves:
“Strand test, strand test, strand test! It can be extremely difficult and obviously shifts the condition of the hair, but hair can be kept strong if the proper conditions are taken. The professional has to stay on top of the process and must implement an elasticity test every three minutes in random areas of the hair.”

Her finishing touch for platinum hair:
“Gloss, toner, pigmented shampoo and/or color mousse.”

On what kind of upkeep Kim can expect:
“The maintenance advice for anyone going platinum is to make sure you get your touch-ups no later than four weeks.” (Ed. note: An allover touch-up once a month might sound like a lot, but remember, this is a Kardashian. If anyone can keep it up, it’s Kim—with the help of her very dedicated glam squad.)

One last tidbit: Surprisingly, Goddard was able to get the color to lift that much in one go. Impressive, right?