Oh, so you thought Kylie Jenner could do nothing to surprise you anymore? It’s true, a girl can cry wolf only so many times with neon hair colors that are actually just wigs before the world reacts with a yawn. And even the most controversial lips eventually reach a maximum level of plumpness. Which is exactly why, in true form for her family, Jenner has figured out a new way to make the world do a triple take and then just stare.

On the cover of Paper magazine’s upcoming “YOUth” issue (which will hit newsstands April 12), she’s transformed into a vintage-fashion-doll version of herself, framed in a modern-day Instagram selfie. The eerie effect isn’t only thanks to a plastic cotton-candy-pink wig with retro bangs and matching pastel lipstick—some of Jenner’s features were photoshopped to add to the photo’s cartoonish quality. “Yes, my eyes and lips are edited to look bigger,” she confirmed when revealing the cover to her Instagram followers today.

A photo posted by Paper Magazine (@papermagazine) on Apr 4, 2016 at 7:22am PDT

See, we told you that you wouldn’t be able to stop staring. The more we do, the less we’re convinced this isn’t an actual cartoon. But since credit is being given to beauty pros we trust—wig guru Tokyostylez and makeup artist Joyce Bonelli—we have reason to believe that this is the real Kylie. Who’s proven yet again that nobody’s better at self-reinvention.

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