Those of you trying the dry January trend will have to forgive us, but our relationship with wine is strong in the winter—and we just found a way to marry it with our seasonal craving for pick-me-up hair color ideas. The unexpected/genius concept we first heard about via NYC’s Butterfly Studio Salon: wine-inspired hair color. Yes, really! We’re suggesting you gaze into your stem glass for hair inspiration. It sounds silly at first, but when you pause to think about it, the complex tones in your wine glass can make excellent descriptors when you’re aiming to achieve some of the prettiest hair color trends out there right now. Such as:

Rosé, as seen on British it-girl Pixie Lott
The translucent pink in a glass of rosé perfectly captures this look: a subtle wash of color that’s an infinitely more wearable play on the recent pink-hair craze (one you don’t need to be Gwen Stefani to pull off). “Try a pastel pink on your ends or an unexpected rose-gold tint all over,” suggests Butterfly Studio expert colorist Min Kim.


Pinot Noir, as seen on Jada Pinkett Smith
Pinkett Smith recently added new dimension to her hair with a warm cast that strikes the same color notes as a full-bodied red. “Rich berry tones complement darker hair and skin tones,” Kim says. “It’s a fun complement for makeup pairings, too.” Yes—we’re so picturing all of the lipstick possibilities right now.


Riesling, as seen on Jennifer Lawrence (and Khloe Kardashian)
The blond we’re craving at the start of 2016 is different from the buttery, chardonnay-like tones common in summertime. We’re thinking pale, crisp, cool, a la Riesling or Champagne. “This blond pops to give you a fresh look,” Kim notes. “And because the tone is more neutral, it also works as the perfect backdrop for winter’s bolder makeup tones.”


Brandy, as seen on Emma Stone (and Lauren Conrad)


OK technically brandy is a spirit derived from wine, but it’s an excellent descriptor for a spice-toned red that’s rich but smooth, not overly bright and statement-making. “This is an easy way for blondes to ‘taste test’ a hint of red,” Kim says.

Meanwhile, wine is one thing, but here’s why we strongly don’t suggest you get your hair color inspiration from Teen Mom:

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