This just in: Lucy Hale, she that embodies all things #hairgoals, isn’t stopping at being very blond, she’s just gone even blonder—a bright, icy platinum blond complete with root smudging (a trick where hairstylists keep roots a smidge darker so the color looks more lived-in). It’s arguably the biggest hair change she’s ever made. Even the move from chest-length waves to a chin-grazing bob doesn’t top the shock of this.

Earlier last month, when Hale went from her most recognizable Aria-from-Pretty Little Liars brunette to babylight blond, she told us she was having fun with her color in between filming PLL and that the shade wouldn’t be a forever thing. “I have hair ADD and frequently switch it up,” she said. “But I’ll have to go back darker for the show. That’s sort of Aria’s statement. It’s just a temporary, fun thing.” Another thing she said she loved about going to the light side: “I feel like I possibly look tanner? So that’s cool!”

Seems like that hasn’t changed. Oh, and while we’re on the topic of a hair change making you look different, can we add one more thing we noticed about her lighter color? It really makes her eyes pop. Like whoa. Check it out:

A photo posted by KRISTIN ESS HAIR (@kristin_ess) on Mar 2, 2016 at 9:17am PST

If you didn’t want to get your stylist on the phone before, we’re guessing you probably want to now.

PS: If you missed her original color change, click on over to our story here to see how she’s gradually lightening her hair.

Watch Lucy Hale Try to Do Her Makeup Artist’s Makeup: