Remember the time last month when we all glimpsed Nicole Richie with blue hair (a change from the purple hair that’s been her style signature of late)?


Well, that blue only lasted about 2.5 seconds—she reappeared in purple so quickly that we almost thought we’d hallucinated the whole Smurf-colored incident. Seriously, like one day later she was lavender, like nothing had ever happened. But there the photos were still online, as proof that we weren’t losing our minds.

Flash forward to last weekend: Along comes Nicole Richie with the blue hair again.


Here are my three theories about what’s going on here.

1. Maybe Nicole’s hair is actually a neutral light gray, as we’ve seen her wear before, and she uses temporary color to get a bright pop of whatever shade she’s craving—thus her ability to change it any time.

2. Maybe the blue shade is something Nicole does to detox before renewing the purple (like when people dye their red as a halfway point between brunette and blond, in order to cause less damage)? Obviously I’m no hair colorist, though, and it’s quite possible this theory makes no sense.

3. Maybe she’s doing this on purpose to mess with us, because she loves seeing everyone talking about what’s up with her hair.

As I said the first time around, I don’t love the blue on Nicole nearly as much—and most of our readers seemed to agree. I would really be surprised if this is permanent.

Thoughts? Is Nicole Richie just officially messing with all of us at this point? (Like Kim Kardashian in her blond wig?)