Any time we get to pick Olivia Wilde’s brain, we jump at the chance. She has told us about breast-feeding, her Dos and Don’ts for turning 30, where she thinks we’ll all be 75 years, and why she needs feminism. Today, as the face of Avon’s Today Tomorrow Always Amour fragrance, she’s sharing her thoughts on all things perfume.


Lipstick: What’s your earliest scent memory?
Olivia: Roses in my Irish grandmother’s garden.

Lipstick: What was the first one you wore?
Olivia: First fragrance was White Musk from the Body Shop. I wore it so consistently that people knew if I had walked through a room before them. Maybe I applied it a bit too liberally!

Lipstick: How does fragrance play into your beauty routine? Are a daily wearer? Once in a while?
Olivia: I’m a true believer that fragrance really can change your mood, and it’s so individual to each person. I rarely leave the house without something on, whether it’s a drop of essential oil or one of the Today Tomorrow Always fragrances.

Lipstick: Has becoming a mom to one-year-old Otis changed the way you feel about any scents?
Olivia: There’s nothing better than the smell of a baby! If you could bottle it I would wear that scent.