Another season of The Bachelor has begun, and once again, we are watching. As we have for the better part of our adult lives. Even though we already know 90 percent of what will happen because during the show’s 20-season (!) run, shockingly little has changed. Last night’s premiere of Ben Higgins’ season predictably incorporated women in sequined gowns slinking out of limos onto a freshly hosed-down patio, one contender drinking too much and behaving poorly, and Ben speaking one of the franchise’s most time-honored phrases: “My wife could be in the room.” We eagerly await dates filled with helicopters and “opening up” moments and the most dramatic rose ceremonies in Bachelor history.

One more thing that remains the same on the show is the contestants’ hair. Their long hair. Preferably worn in loose waves. Never mind that in real life short hair is a major trend for women in 2016. Not the women of The Bachelor. On last night’s episode, only three of the 28 contestants had hair above their shoulders. (You’ll find them at the bottom of our grid below, where we’ve organized the women in descending order from longest hair to shortest). And if you’re watching The Bachelor don’t even try to look for a pixie; spotting one of those on this show would be the equivalent of a unicorn sighting.

Are would-be Bachelor participants encouraged to grow their hair out and/or get extensions in order to be more appealing to their suitor and/or the viewing audience? Do the gentlemen featured on the show request only long-haired options? Of course we’re all aware of the old myth that men prefer long hair (not true, by the way!), and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Bach producers and many of its contestants bought into that, but come on. Eventually even this lovable, bumbling dinosaur of the broadcasting world has to catch up with the times when it comes to beauty. Right? If Hollywood is finally filled with women with all sorts of hair lengths and colors and textures, can’t the Bachelor mansion welcome in at least, say, 10 contestants who have hair that’s something other than Barbie-aspirational? All we know is, if things don’t change soon, we’re sending someone over there with shears.


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