Whenever we lay eyes on Shakira, we’re completely mesmerized by her body. Those abs. That booty! ¿Cómo es posible? Even after giving birth to two adorable boys—two-year-old Milan and nearly one-year-old Sasha—su cuerpo remains as awe-inspiring as ever. So because we know we’re not alone in our admiration, and because we’re in a New Year’s resolution frame of mind, we went straight to her longtime trainer, Anna Kaiser, for a few answers. The owner and founder of the high-intensity dance-based interval training studios AKT InMotion, who also trains Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker, recently spent eight months in Barcelona training the singer. Obviously, we wanted the total lowdown. Listen in.

Shakira made a surprise appearance at Maná’s concert in September, looking as fit as ever.

GLAM BELLEZA LATINA: Anna, Shakira has the body. How does she do it?
ANNA KAISER: Well, Shakira works really hard. She’s really changed her nutrition over time and learned to enjoy eating pure, live food. She works out five or six days a week and wears a heart monitor to make sure that she’s working out optimally. This isn’t something that’s achieved in two or three weeks.

GBL: Please break down Shakira’s routine for us.
AK: Once a week, she does my AKTread (a dance-based treadmill workout). Three times a week, she’ll do dance-based interval training. One to two days a week, she’ll do approximately 45 minutes of just toning exercises. And on most weeks, she’ll do a cardio-only session. Almost all of my clients follow this routine.

GBL: This seems doable. (We think!)
AK: This whole routine adds up to maybe five hours a week. But truly, the important thing is to do as much as you can do. Something is always better than nothing! Even 10 minutes helps. My 15-minute Express Workout on my streaming service is modeled on the workout I created for Shakira.

So proud of my girl!!! She works so hard in ALL aspects of life, but especially on her health. Between our sessions of interval training and nutrition, she never waivers! Which, as all you new moms out there know, is incredibly challenging after a second baby. AND that work should be CELEBRATED!! Check out my AKT Streaming Membership to get our workouts right in your own HOME, and check out Thrive Market for healthy food options!! (link in bio) #workout @shakira #nutrition #dance #fitness #sweat #hardworkpaysoff #movementwithpurpose #strong #results #mom #fitlife #fitspo #inspiration #motivation #flashbackfriday #respect @aktinmotion #love #friends

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GBL: How difficult is it to get in shape after having a baby?
AK: It’s a completely different way of working out. Your body just went through a lot! You have to build strength from the inside, out. Really rebuild those deep core muscles.

GBL: What about diet? There must some secrets to what Shakira eats.
AK: A lot of the Latin culture is based around food. I actually brought certain items with me to Spain. For instance, we cooked with coconut oil and switched out regular bread for Ezekiel bread. This sprouted grain bread is flour-free. Flour can be highly allergic and since it’s processed, it can act like sugar in your body. Also, I love jamon but we switched it out for fresh fish and chicken. Shakira snacks on seaweed chips and live granola with kale—she loves that. There’s great food out there. You just have to search for it.

GBL: That sounds like a lot of delicious food.
AK: People are always surprised by how much they can eat. And how much more energy they have, all while losing weight. In fact, some people wait too long to eat. We also got Shakira’s children involved in the kitchen. Together we made protein pancakes and our own berry sauce. (Just mix strawberries, water, and Stevia on the stove and cook it until it turns into a sauce.) It’s delicious pancake topping.

GBL: How much does fitness play into body confidence? And why dance?
AK: Dance is so empowering. It causes you to have a physical connection with your body as a whole. Those who initially think they’re too uncoordinated now feel like they can do anything afterward. You’ll stand up straighter and walk prouder.

GBL: Shakira is clearly a dancer and entertainer. Does your workout, then, come naturally to her?
AK: She loves it. As someone who doesn’t necessarily like working out, she enjoys that she has to use her mind when dancing. Dance makes the workout feel like it’s not a workout. It’s a very proportioned movement. Your body moves in a very connected way.

Motivated to workout like Shakira? Then visit aktinmotion.com. And while you’re at it, watch Shakira tell us the secret to her bombshell hair: