Justin Bieber isn’t the only one paying some hard-core attention to Hailey Baldwin right now—we confess we’ve been seriously following her boho-chic style with a pen and paper. It’s not just that she does un-fussiness well, it’s how the model and daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and bestie to Kendall Jenner manages to combine bold elements into her otherwise super-relaxed look that makes her feel like the effortlessly cool girl we all dream to be.

Of course, there’s a lazy element to her vibe, sure, but she never quite lands on “doesn’t care.” It’s more like she’s just not trying too hard, which hints at an inner confidence. Plus, she’s not afraid to take risks. Whether she’s a brunette or a blond or she’s going ultra glam or running errands, she’s always got a bit of an edge to her that’s fun to watch. She might pair a messy bun with a very precise cat eye or darken her lips when she goes for a smoky eye, for example. There’s always a slight tweak to her style that keeps you interested, which might come in handy in the coming months. Since she and the Biebs may have made their relationship official over the weekend, she could be walking more red carpets in 2016.

Here are seven reasons we adore her hair and makeup style:
She manages to make high ponytails look completely chic and un-cheerleader-y:

Her just-happened waves are impossibly full:

She can rock dewy skin and red lips at the same time like a pro:

She knows that smoky eyes and a choker are a perfectly on-trend duo.

Even when she goes for bangs, they’re long, fringe-y, and not uptight.

Her buns scream “French-girl style,” yet she’s from California:

And she looks just as great as a brunette as she does as a blond:

Watch Hailey Baldwin Take Over a Brooklyn Diner With Makeup Artist Pat McGrath:

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