Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly Chanel? Well, now you can—almost. For its highly anticipated Spring 2016 runway show in Paris earlier today, models and attendees were transported to Chanel Airlines, a fantasy world for any fashion lover or travel junkie (see all the images from the show here). But of course, in typical beauty-editor fashion, all I could think about when seeing this amazingness unfold on my Instagram feed was: “What about the products? Where will they go? Are there quilted makeup bags? Chanel eye masks?” And then, in a serious case of wanderlust, started rattling off in my head the beloved Chanel beauty products I would pack in said quilted makeup bag. And naturally my fellow beauty colleagues shared the same exact thoughts. So with that said, here are the makeup and skin care products we’d pack for a flight on Chanel Airlines.


Hydra Beauty Essence Mist
“This lightweight hydrating mist is perfect on flights when the air is yucky and dry—plus, the fresh scent is so energizing.” —Julianne Carell, Assistant Digital Editor, Lipstick.com

La Solution 10 De Chanel
“With only 10 ingredients—all of which I can pronounce!—Chanel’s new La Solution 10 de Chanel would be my airplane go-to. It’s fragrance-free, super-hydrating, and more lotion than liquid, making it easy to travel with.” —Lindsey Unterberger, Executive Digital Editor, Lipstick.com

Rouge Coco Lip Color in Gabrielle
“When I travel, I try to narrow down my (embarrassingly large) collection of Rouge Coco lipsticks to one tried-and-true shade I know will look good in photos. And that’s 444 Gabrielle, a gorgeous creamy red that stays put—and hydrates.” —Lindsay Schallon, Senior Digital Editor, Lipstick.com

Chance Eau Vive Eau de Toilette
“I consider my carry-on space precious—any product really has to earn its slot. And this fragrance is most certainly worth its weight. And that means more space for shoes. Plus, the scent is soft and light—more fresh than anything else—so it’s perfect to spritz on post-flight. “—Beth Shapouri, Lead Beauty Writer, Lipstick.com

Vitalumiere Aqua Skin-Perfecting Sunscreen Makeup
“It’s one of my favorite products of all time, so I would never travel without it. It’s the best perfector: Light enough so nobody suspects that I’m wearing makeup but still has enough coverage to hide all of the evidence of a long flight.” —Katheryn Erickson, Beauty Writer

Le Coton
“Cotton pads with little C’s on them—you can’t get more luxurious than that. But aside from the sheer indulgence that is wiping your face with a Chanel cotton pad, these are probably the softest ones I’ve ever used, from any brand, period. I won’t tone without them.” —Julianne Carell, Assistant Digital Editor, Lipstick.com

CC Cream
“I am obsessed with this CC Cream. It’s perfectly compact enough to fit in your purse, and this wonder product has it all: SPF 50, barely-there coverage that completes my no makeup-makeup look, and keeps my skin looking incredibly dewy and fresh. Perfect wear for day and night.” —Caroline Solomon, Beauty Assistant

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