Full disclosure: I’ve got naturally bushy brows, so you’d think it’d be easy to get that full, thick look everyone’s after right now. Well, not quite. I’ve tried a handful of gels (which often leave my brows as crispy as an excessively hairsprayed ballerina bun), powders (which do nothing to keep errant hairs in place), and pencils (without fail, it always look like I’ve Sharpied my brows).

But that was all until I got my hands on the new product the beauty world can’t stop talking about: Glossier Boy Brow ($16,, a creamy wax pomade with a tiny spooly that really gets into each nook and cranny of your brows.

The formula is packed with all sorts of delightful ingredients, such as beeswax and carnauba wax to keep hairs in place without the dreaded stiffness associated with brow gels; oleic acid, which is derived from olive oil and keeps brows moisturized; and atelocollagen, a derivative of collagen that helps strengthen hair. It comes in three shades (blond, brown, and black), and I have it on good authority that it genuinely suits all types.

What’s most special about it: Boy Brow was inspired by traditional hair pomades, so its consistency feels really natural and pliable. All I do is swipe it on my brows and go. It’s totally unfussy, low-maintenance brow grooming.

Go ahead and see for yourself. Here’s what my brows look like without any assistance (note the sparse spots), compared to how they look after a swipe or two (fuller, thicker, and more defined).


PS: If you’re still in the process of growing your brows out, check out this story about how one YouTube star did exactly that.

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