Get your popcorn ready, kids. The season-three premiere of the bad-plastic-surgery-made-better show Botched is tonight on E! And for a show entirely made up of people with wacky, crazy, and sometimes heart-wrenching stories, some are so crazy stand out. Hey, it’s not every day you discover a woman with pigskin sewn into her stomach or a man with a breast implant in his head. But, alas, these are the reasons we just can’t stop watching. So here are all-time craziest patients we’ve seen visit Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif (so far).

One woman could flip her butt implants inside out. So strangely fascinating, and, thankfully, something that could be fixed.

Justin, the human Ken Doll, sculpted his body from head to toe and showed up in the pursuit of new back “muscles” and reduced forehead veins—was brought back later to consult on another patient’s tricky chest implant.

There was the guy with the boob implant in the back of the skull—something the doctors put in there in an effort to stretch out the skin to close up a scar from a hair implant surgery gone wrong. Unfortunately, this one wasn’t a huge success.

And who could forget the tale of Rajee, who unknowingly had cement injected into her face in an effort to get increase the volume in her face related to her gender transition? Fortunately, the doctors were able to help smooth out her cheeks to some degree.

And Dwight Eubanks, whom you may recognize from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. He came in to have his too-small nose fixed. His before/after was startling.

Of course, there was the uniboob on patient Alicia Jenkins, whose breasts were so close together they were practically Siamese twins.

Then there was Lacey Wildd, who showed up with pigskin in her torso to reinforce her ultra-large breasts—that also happened to glow in the dark.

And last but not least, there was the woman with the vagina on her stomach. A botched tummy tuck brought her skin higher than normal, bringing the start of her vaginal area quite far north. Luckily, the docs got it back in a more geographically desirable place.

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