If you’ve got $5 and the desire to get your hair texture to look like you partied all night in that “I’m awesome” way (as opposed to, oh, you know…just looking like a giant mess), then you’re going to want to know the name of the inexpensive spray hairstylist Tommy Buckett used on Hailee Steinfeld at last night’s Topshop flagship store opening.


It was Garnier Deconstructed Texture Tease Finishing Spray. It features a micro-mineral powder formula that allows for flexible grip so you can rework to keep hair’s styled fullness, which means it not only helps lock in texture but it also gives helps get you body. Think of it a little like a cross between dry shampoo, styling cream, and hairspray. It’s a total game changer, especially when you use it with a waving or curling iron.

Any of you tried this stuff out yet? If so, tell us about your experience below!