On Monday, Kim and I did a fun photo shoot with some stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey—more on that to come. But there’s one trick that our hair and makeup artist, JoAnn Solomon, used that I wanted to pass along to you ASAP because it’s one you have to try if there’s a skin-baring outfit in your near future this summer. (And especially if you have an event like a wedding on your calendar!)


Kim wore a gorgeous cobalt-blue Lela Rose dress (from Rent the Runway), and it showed lots of upper arm and decolletage. So to make her skin less pasty and instantly glowing/camera-ready, JoAnn rubbed on a miracle potion: Nars Body Glow. It’s one I’ve seen so many makeup artists use on-set over the years, because it works wonders on any complexion and just makes such a difference. It contains coconut oil to instantly rehydrate the skin and also adds some sheer bronzy sheen.

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Yes, I know it’s spendy, but a little goes a long way, and you could save it for special occasions.

Have you ever tried Nars Body Glow or a similar body-skin-booster? Would you this summer?