Starting off the new year looking refreshed is a worthy goal, and Ashley Greene hit it directly on the head with some new honey blond highlights she showed off on Instagram with the caption, “Impromptu hair day with [colorist] @josephchase…No filter necessary.” But there’s a twist to her new hair color we need to point out. While her stylist Joseph Chase did go brighter, he also went warmer. He’s why he told us he did it:

“I prefer a warmer hue during the winter months. I tend to keep my winter blondes more on the warm side while my summer blondes are icy to beige,” he explains. And the way he went about it? “By adding blond pieces with subtle copper undertones.” So smart. Usually when you think about warming up a blond tone you end up going darker, but by brightening her hue, he flipped the script, changed the game, and all those other sayings we use to say someone pulled a 180-degree turn on us.

His exact how-to: “I sectioned off the hair into three parts: top, middle, and bottom. Starting with the bottom section, I foil-weaved the hair using Redken Flashlift with 40 volume for brighter blond tips.” Then he continued with the middle section using a lower-potency brightener to add some medium tones. Then to give her a bit more shine, he went back and hand-painted a few quite-light pieces on the bottom half of the very top layer because, he explains, “I wanted to give a more sun-kissed look while leaving the depth at her root.” Then he slapped on some toner to bring the mix of shades together.

There’s some takeaway here—if you’re a blond looking to add a little something to your hair, the slightest touch of warm shades like copper, honey, or caramel combined with a few lighter-than-usual pieces could be just enough to take you up a notch without going darker. Check out the stunning results below:

A photo posted by Ashley Greene (@ashleygreene) on Jan 3, 2016 at 12:10pm PST

A photo posted by Ashley Greene (@ashleygreene) on Jan 3, 2016 at 12:30pm PST

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