Vaginas are having their Miss Congeniality moment, thanks to a sex-toy maker named Brian Sloan. He’s holding a contest—the World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Pageant—to find the loveliest hooha out there.


Entrants sent in photos that are now being voted on by the public. The winner will get $5,000, be flown to Los Angeles to have her nether regions scanned and made into a 3D sex sleeve sex toy, and, of course, get a lifetime worth of bragging rights. Second place gets $2,500 third $1500.

But it’s not all just entertainment, you guys. It’s for science. Sloane has hired PhD data scientists to look at the results and pull together “the first proper scientific paper about vaginal appearance and preference.” So now we’ll finally know what makes lady bits beautiful. And if they truly want world peace.